Wednesday, July 31, 2013

C.L.I.T. Fest - Skull Fest & T-Shirts, Oh My!!

more info at;
If you don't know, now you know: KRANG is very proud to be a part of this year's C.L.I.T. Fest in Chicago. Some of us were lucky enough to be present the last time this blew through the Windy City (2008 I wanna say?) & given the spectacular line-up, workshops, and hard-working group of folks that make up this year's event, we KNOW it will be a most excellent time. The complete schedule for this weekend of affirmation is as follows:

AUGUST 2, 3, 4, 2013



Proceeds will go to Transformative Justice Law Project!

Childcare will be available during daytime activities Sat. and Sunday
Sign up for childcare on-site or give us a heads up here:

Friday and Saturday: Co-Prosperity Sphere, 3219 S. Morgan Street
Sunday: Benton House, 3034 S. Gratten

Friday evening show at Co-Prosperity Sphere:::
6:00 pm
Lockjaw Nancy (CHI)
Split Feet (CHI)
Lord Snow (CHI)
When Flying Feels Like Falling (CHI)
Autonomy (Carbondale IL)
No Babies (CA)

Saturday morning workshops at Co-Prosperity Sphere:::
11:00 am
Self Defense &&& Male Identified Allies
Radical Parenting &&& Experimental Writing and Creating Radical Space

Saturday matinee at Co-Prosperity Sphere:::
2:00 pm
The Fuss (CHI)
Anu (CT)
Rat Storm (IN)
Sangre de Abajo (CHI)
Wartorn (WI)

5:00 pm
Dinner (PWYC/by donation) + Safe Sex Workshop

Saturday evening show at Co-Prosperity Sphere:::
6:00 pm
Bad Idea (MA)
Nü-klē-ər Blast Suntan (GA)
Krang (CHI)
Mary Christ (DC)
Curmudgeon (MA)

Sunday afternoon at Benton House:::

12:30 pm
Sobriety and the Struggle

2:00 pm
BBQ (PWYC/by donation and BYO grillables!)
& Intersections of Oppressed Bodies Workshop

4:00 pm
Young Trynas (MD)
Tomboy (MA)
Total Trash (MPLS)
Escalofrio (CHI)

More info can be gleaned from the official website, located here:

One fest per month is not enough to satiate our constant craving for punk however, and we stand with mouths agape at the prospect of heading to Pittsburgh at the end of August & playing this knockdown, drag-out rager: We present to you.... Skull Fest 5: The Return To Skull Island


4:00 PM // Happy Hour Show! // 21+
Secret Band
Primitive Pact

5:00 PM // All Ages
Mischief Brew
Appalachian Terror Unit

7:00 PM // 21+
(featuring scott peterson of cryptic slaughter doing some cryptic slaughter songs!)


2:00 PM // All Ages
School Jerks (Canada)
Schizophasia (Canada)
Nekromantiker (Holland)
Merciless Game
Decay After Death
No Master

8:00 PM // 21+
Who Killed Spikey Jacket?
Aspects of War
Lost Tribe
Bad Doctors

Secret After Show! // Discharge Cover Band!



11 AM (Breakfast Show) // All Ages
Mr. California

Ask A Cop For Location! // All Ages
Dirty Work

8:00 PM  // 21+
Zero Boys
Night Birds
Skull Fest The Band

Be sure to check out for addresses, ticket info, etc.

As if that weren't enough, we finally got our lazy butts in gear to replenish our merch box, with these fabulous new shirts, imagery shooped by the always lovely & helpful Milo Mendoza <3 with a logo made infamous by Sara Sotaa. These come in white & olive, both with black print, though be warned, the olive is relatively limited and flying fast. Check 'em out under the "merch" tab on our bandcamp (below).

If you haven't heard our new 7" "Broken Waves" yet, it is streaming in it's entirety up on our bandcamp! Give it a listen and drop us a line if you'd like a copy; we've got pink, dried blood & golden-rod vinyl as well as the standard black in a limited supply, don't sleep on this folks!! Infinite thanks to Profane Existence & Ben Crew for this amazing opportunity!!

And lastly, a video courtesy of Ian of Razorcake from our last set at Ranchos Huevos. Thanks, dude! Songs: Reclaim, Lost Road.

Friday, June 7, 2013

"BROKEN WAVES" Officially Out! + Midwest Mini-Tour / Shows / Interview

 This month we're hitting the road with our good friends COELOCANTH in celebration of dreadlocks, the end times and our new 7" release, "Broken Waves". All of these shows will be fucking stellar times with friends old & new; plus we have the privilege of playing what must unfortunately be one of the last gigs @ The Medusa. Lets send it off proper, yeah? Krang is heading out to Indianapolis solo to start the month right this weekend & at the end of the month, Chicago will reel from the combined forces of Dresden, The Parish & Lady Beast. Holy Crust Baron!!
Here's a look at the record itself. We have your vinyl (and matching PE embroidered patch!) color choice of black, pink, mustard yellow, and an intriguing copper-ish marble. Again, these are also available via Profane's site.
Saturday, June 8th: Krang, Parasitic Twins, Bleach Drinker & Black Recluse
@ The Melody Inn, $6 cover, 9pm door, 10:30pm show, 21+ w/i.d.

Friday, June 21st: Krang, Coelacanth, Faculty Brats + 1tba
At The Owl Sanctuary, 9pm $6

Saturday, June 22nd: Krang, Coelacanth, War//Plague & Kontrasekt
At Medusa, 9pm $5

Sunday, June 23rd: Nu Pugodi, Krang, Coelacanth, Neon Hole & Ratsak
At The Maritime Tavern. 9pm $5 21+

And, as you'll find in our previous entry, our homecoming show:
Saturday, June 29th: Dresden, The Parish, Lady Beast & Krang
Ask a punk for the address 8pm $7

So fuck yeah, no shortage of good times in our futures, that is certain.
Anybody interested should check out our interview up on Profane Existence's web page & accompanying videos.

We will also have t-shirts once again in the near future! They'll be a modified version of our initial design, but probably printed on fancy colors and stuff. We may also have a nice printed poster of our "Born to Die in the Glitter" shot. Huzzah!

We've also posted track two - "Arms Race Within Mine" - off of our new 7" up on our bandcamp. listen here:
 More exciting news to come...Here's to the SUMMER OF CRUST!

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Broken Waves Sneak Preview, Upcoming Shows, etc.

Alright, people. One track off our upcoming 7" is now available for free streaming and download via bandcamp. If there are complications, please notify us at We decided to go the "less is more" route and present you with a song entitled Arms Race Within Mine. Lyrics are also posted for those of you who care about why we're so gosh-darned mad all the time. Anyway, enjoy! Another track will be added next month and the final the following month, pending the record's release in June (which again we're excited to announce is through Profane Existence!).

Winged Skull
In other news, we got some new 1" buttons in. I think they look pretty sharp, wouldn't you agree? We've also got a new shirt design in the works (promise!). Apologies to those of you who've been asking while we've been sold out, but your patience is appreciated! Remember that we have a section for merch on our aforementioned bandcamp page, and keep your eyes on this blog for updates.
We do still have a bunch of the 1.50" brain buttons, standard Krang patches, and copies of our Sounds of Death 12".

Now then, here's a list of upcoming shows featuring yours truly:

Our most recent show with Landbridge was a blast! Thanks to everyone for coming out despite the rain and supporting the raging touring band as well as the Black 'n Brown table. Next, we're looking to bring the fucking ruckus with some familiar faces from North Carolina. Shout-out in advance to Rancho Huevos for hosting all these killer DIY shows.

Also, in support the release of our new 7", we plan to hit the road in mid-June for a mini-Midwest tour with our dear friends in COELOCANTH. Give their demo a hell of a listening to, cuz they're one of our favorites. Flyer/tour poster coming soon! Once we return home, we'll be hitting up the southside again and with more touring titans.

Stay tuned!

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

New KRANG 7" to Drop This Summer!

Hot damn! It certainly has been a minute since we've updated this. Not having an internet provider for your pc will do that, I suppose. Anyway, HI! We're still alive and a band and have exciting news! After our performance at Shaman Records' 13th anniversary (video below!) and our triumphant return home from our chaotic week on the road with WARTORN, we finally nailed down and recorded three brand new songs!

"Sounds of Death" live at Reggie's 11/23/12

The 7", entitled Broken Waves, will officially be released this June as part of Profane Existence's "Limited Edition Singles Series". These songs were written specifically and recorded exclusively for this release! Pretty neat stuff. As we've stressed before, it's an honor to join this line-up. Every other band featured thus far is absolutely killer, and to have it be put forward by a label that has been so influential not only to us as individuals, but to the DIY community at large, makes it all the sweeter. Keep your eyes set on our bandcamp, as the tracks will be made available for free streaming in the coming weeks. Endless thanks to the folks who made it possible for us to get this shit ready on time. Exhaustive credits will assuredly be included in the liner notes!
Fuck Yeah!
Subscribe to the first installment of this series - rounded out by yours truly - to receive your copies in glow-in-the-dark vinyl as well as a silk screened patch for each band. Quit stalling! GO!

In the meantime (between now and agreeable tour weather), KRANG has been/is doing/will continue to do our darndest to help keep punk alive in our fair city of Chicago: playing benefit gigs, booking and hosting touring bands, and writing vigorously for our upcoming full-length! Our next performance will tentatively be 4/15 with LANDBRIDGE from Florida. More info here. OH! We also have new merch designs in the works for shirts and pins, but still have standard "font" patches and our Sounds of Death 12" available via bandcamp and bigcartel.

More in the future...

Saturday, November 17, 2012

KRANG Announces Tour Dates w/ WARTORN + Upcoming Release Info!

First things first, we'd like to officially state how rad of a time we had during our last tour. Seeing all of our friends, making new ones, seeing and playing with D-Clone, desserts, dance parties, and of course all of the alcohol...Thanks to everyone involved! Great times. So, naturally it's time to pack up and do it all over again; this time hitting the road with our friends in WARTORN as we tear through the southeast!

But before listing the tour dates, we'd also like to mention that we'll be playing an epic show at Reggie's with RESISTANT CULTURE. See flyer below for more details. Keep in mind that the show will be filmed, so dress to impress. And don't forget not to tip your racist bartender!
event info here!
Now, without further ado, here are the dates for our southeast stint with our midwest brethren:
fuck yeah.

We're beyond stoked to be playing with so many great bands and friends. And certainly, we look forward to heading back to sweet-second-home NOLA for this amazing crust fest. Just look at that flyer! Really honored to have been asked to come down and play. **Unfortunately, due to a last minute change in venue, the fest is now 18+, but we maintain that the important thing is that the fest is still on. Besides, you're punks. If you really wanna see the show, you'll find a way to attend. ***more info here!


Onto other, equally exciting news...

KRANG has just finished writing a handful of brand new songs, which we plan on putting together as a 7". Plans for recording after we return from tour are in the works, and pressing should take place shortly thereafter. Keep your eyes peeled, as this may or may not be released via a popular d.i.y. crust label's limited edition singles collection...

Incidentally, we officially have NO COPIES LEFT of our 7" The Bog of Eternal Stenchcore. You can still (probably) find it in some distro(s), and it is still available for download on our bandcamp. But, again, as far as we're concerned, the physical copy is $OLD OUT, with no plans of repressing any time soon. Cherish your copy!

'Til next time,
From Gaza to Olympia, solidarity with all those in the face of state repression. Fuck 'em all!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Tour Updates, Upcoming Shows, Merch & More!

September 13
@ 2040 w. 19th st, Chicago
7pm, 7 bux
 facebook for more info.
a snippet of footage from a new song, courtesy of Franklin (Decay A.D.)
 Updated Tour Schedule!


Oct. 5th Indianapolis, IN @ The Beehive 3441 Kessler Blvd w/ Kata Sarka/We Must Dismantle All This
Oct. 6th Huntington, WV @ Funky Towne w/ ATU, Coelacanth
Oct. 7th Ashville, NC @ The Get Down 1045 Haywood Rd w/ Autarch/The Warship Christ
Oct. 8th Richmond, VA (NEED HELP!!!!)
Oct. 9th Philadelphia, PA @ The Golden Tea House w/Mutila...
tion Rites, Heathen, Ashencult
Oct. 10th Baltimore, MD @Barclay House 2101 Barclay St. w/ D-Clone, Lotus Fucker
Oct. 11th New York City, NY (NEED HELP!!!)
Oct. 12th New Haven, CT @ Material World 75 Dagett St. Apt. #2-10 w/ Snow Orphan, Americant
Oct. 13th Boston, MA @ Wacky Kastle (venue may get moved) w/ Aspects of War, Fast Death, Negligence
Oct. 14th Rochester, NY @ Murderdome
Oct. 15th Pittsburgh, PA @ The Gopher Hole 4106 Butler St w/ Ratface, Old Man of the Mountain, Soothsayer, Liebestod
Oct. 16th Lima, OH @ The Leather Shop 914 Bellefontaine Ave w/ Pizza Hi-Five, Happy Birthday

MIKE LEON from CEMETERY, WHITE ROSE and DAN RYAN will be running our merch table. Friends, see you all soon!!!

again, facebook for more info. going to fucking rule.

 and speaking of tour, here's our "Life Howls Back" t-shirt design, limited and exclusive to this tour!

limited to under 40 shirts and 10 back patches. any leftover will be available through our bandcamp site after we return. we also have 100 normal patches of the Krang (font) logo. very exciting! a millie thanks to Chris!

last, but not least, we're proud to announce that ThrashHead has released a compilation featuring Krang, as well as HELLBASTARD, AMEBIX, RESISTANT CULTURE, HELLKRUSHER, and like, two dozen other raging bands. check it out here!

in other news, new songs are coming along nicely. can't wait to get out and unleash these on the road.   >_<  see you soon!

Monday, July 16, 2012

KRANG Announces Dates for Fall East Coast Tour! And Other Thingz!

well, well, well. A lot has happened since i last updated this blog. let's start from the top.

there was our little tour through Michigan with SCUM, which was incredibly fun. Detroit in particular was absolutely nuts. if you're into dis-noise Japanese-hardcore-flavored d-beat noise destruction, they are your new jam; and they put on a hell of a show, too. *shout-out to Madison! check out her amazing anarcho-grind band CLOUD RAT.

not long after that, we played an awesome set with the legendary ANTISECT. i don't really know how to elaborate on that...our last show with DEADLY REIGN was a lot of fun, too. a lot of fun, and a lot of sweat. thanks to the space for all the water, everyone who came out despite the heat, and last but not least the 10-year-old wearing the autographed John Cena shirt who brought the mosh.

in other news, Adam recently sealed a batch of our first non-musical endeavor. still waiting for them to carbonate, but take a look:

"hand-numbered, hand-waxed, 110 IBUs, 5.2% ABV, Double-Hopped Red Rye Pale Ale, Made solo right in my kitchen". punx.

we've also been working on a bunch of new material for our next full-length LP. no studio dates set as we're still in the writing process. a new t-shirt design is also on the way, courtesy of our friend Chris (check out his band with Adam: BLACK SEPTEMBER. righteous metal!).

lastly, we're pleased to announce our upcoming tour plans. if you'd like to help us in any way, or jump on any of these dates, feel free to email us at
Oct. 5th- Indianapolis, IN @ The Beehive (3341 Kessler Blvd East Drive)
Oct. 6th- Huntington, WV
Oct. 7th- Ashville, NC
Oct. 8th- Richmond, VA
Oct. 9th- Baltimore, MA
@ Barclay House
Oct. 10th- Philadelphia, PA
Oct. 12th- New Haven, CT
@ Material World (75 Daggett St) Oct. 13th- Boston, MA
Oct. 14th- Rochester, NY
@ North St House
Oct. 15th- Pittsburgh, PA
Oct. 16th- Lima, Ohio
other upcoming shows include:
Sat, August 4
Cincinnati, OH

Wed, August 8
@ the Orphanage (643 West 31st Street, Chicago)
i'll be looking to update this with a little more regularity in the coming weeks, so keep your heads up! -dd