Friday, June 7, 2013

"BROKEN WAVES" Officially Out! + Midwest Mini-Tour / Shows / Interview

 This month we're hitting the road with our good friends COELOCANTH in celebration of dreadlocks, the end times and our new 7" release, "Broken Waves". All of these shows will be fucking stellar times with friends old & new; plus we have the privilege of playing what must unfortunately be one of the last gigs @ The Medusa. Lets send it off proper, yeah? Krang is heading out to Indianapolis solo to start the month right this weekend & at the end of the month, Chicago will reel from the combined forces of Dresden, The Parish & Lady Beast. Holy Crust Baron!!
Here's a look at the record itself. We have your vinyl (and matching PE embroidered patch!) color choice of black, pink, mustard yellow, and an intriguing copper-ish marble. Again, these are also available via Profane's site.
Saturday, June 8th: Krang, Parasitic Twins, Bleach Drinker & Black Recluse
@ The Melody Inn, $6 cover, 9pm door, 10:30pm show, 21+ w/i.d.

Friday, June 21st: Krang, Coelacanth, Faculty Brats + 1tba
At The Owl Sanctuary, 9pm $6

Saturday, June 22nd: Krang, Coelacanth, War//Plague & Kontrasekt
At Medusa, 9pm $5

Sunday, June 23rd: Nu Pugodi, Krang, Coelacanth, Neon Hole & Ratsak
At The Maritime Tavern. 9pm $5 21+

And, as you'll find in our previous entry, our homecoming show:
Saturday, June 29th: Dresden, The Parish, Lady Beast & Krang
Ask a punk for the address 8pm $7

So fuck yeah, no shortage of good times in our futures, that is certain.
Anybody interested should check out our interview up on Profane Existence's web page & accompanying videos.

We will also have t-shirts once again in the near future! They'll be a modified version of our initial design, but probably printed on fancy colors and stuff. We may also have a nice printed poster of our "Born to Die in the Glitter" shot. Huzzah!

We've also posted track two - "Arms Race Within Mine" - off of our new 7" up on our bandcamp. listen here:
 More exciting news to come...Here's to the SUMMER OF CRUST!


  1. Recorded and engineered in January 2013 by Niko Zaglaras at Superior Street Music
    Produced by Niko Zaglaras and KRANG

    Cover art by Ami Read (, back photo by Milo Mendoza Photography (flikr)

    Endless thanks, shout-outs and props go to:
    Niko, Ami, Milo, Ben and the PE family, Decay After Death, Black September, Bitty and Wartorn, Todd and Coelacanth, Nu-kle-ar Blast Suntan, Escalofrio, Asphyxiate, Appalachian Terror Unit, Scum, Parliament Funkadelic, Karlos and Shaman Records, Void Haus, Ranchos Huevos, Juanito, Corrine, Billy, David Joseph, Night School, Rachel, Monika, PJ, our drug dealers, rockers, boppers, and rough-housers, dead fascists and dead guardians of the system including but not limited to cops and bill collectors, people that still fight the good fight and stand up for what is truly right, everyone we’ve played with, everyone who has housed and/or fed us, and you. Never mind the bullshit, there is a system to destroy.

    KRANG is: Adam (bass), Austin (guitar), Brendan (vocals), Devan (drums) – –

  2. Lyrics to "Broken Waves" are as follows. Anybody who has recieved a copy without an insert, feel free to e-mail us @ if you would like us to send you a physical copy + gifts


    We all stand occluded
    Sinking in the depths of man
    If power is all we need
    Tell me what to do with these empty hands

    Reclaim - douse this guttering flame
    Our paths move like water
    Flowing bodies meet and break
    Reclaim; drown that ancient flame
    Let flood the dam built of our ethos
    We'll change, change through pain

    Crawling sedentary
    From estuaries to aviaries
    Finding yourself sleepwalking
    Embracing cemeteries

    De Aestus, Espirit...

    Reclaim - salt the last bit of earth
    From which they raised you upside down
    Planted in the ground since birth

    And so we fly straight
    Like arrows aimed at hell
    Basement bodhisattvas
    A Madness of ringing bells

    Reclaim - scatter the ash of your enmity
    An effigy of yourself
    Offered up, consumed by the sea

    Oh, ye Broken Waves
    When did you crash?
    Tell me, what have we lost
    In the receding tide?

    They say we come and go like the Circle of the Moon
    They say we ebb and flow
    I hope to hell our tide rises soon

    De Aestus, Espirit, Et Tu


    Silenced by our deafening sameness
    Spiraled into this deadening mess
    All I see is red at the end

    Staring into corners with blood on our hands
    Looking far past lines once drawn in the sand
    We are those monsters we fear

    Concentric circles haunt my nights from some unknowing seer
    Manipulate the wheels of power
    Weapon of Fear

    Arms Race With-in Mine
    Hiroshima in my mind


    No eulogy serves better purpose
    Than our decadent paths; seek only what hurts us

    Death Mask
    Shatter this cast

    When we've vanished into vapor
    Tear us apart like idols of paper
    If life is a cage then no tomb offers solace
    Leave Our Remains In A Cave; We'll Echo Life's Violence

    Death Mask
    Shatter this cast

    "What Regrets?" in your absentium
    Its testing our resolve, our retention
    The cast you've made this funereal future
    These wounds cut deeper still licking our sutures

    Fuck your Death Mask